About Us

Meet the team behind
Why Not Shop Online!

What happens when a creative entrepreneur takes his loving and shopping savvy partner and opens an online shopping site?.

Why Not Shop was born in 1999 and is the online center for top of the line makeup, fashion accessories and household items that will help improve the quality of your life.

Our main goal is to find, promote and deliver cool products that solve problems, look awesome, and are highly unique.

Whether you're a single, a parent, or a fashion maniac, we've got you covered from A to Z.

Providing the best for you.

We've all had the experience of getting that one product which drastically improved our daily life quality.

It might have been a work gadget that made you more productive or a household item that just made you feel more at home.

At why not shop, we care about helping you find products that will change your life again and again. All in one convenient online shop. 

Meet the Team.

We are a friendly welsh couple from Merthyr Tydfil in the South Wales valleys and each one of us brings a unique addition of talents and personality to why not shop. We're just like you and share your passion.

After years of online shopping, we've always hated having to search for products on our own and we looked to solve that need.

Here we are! We'd love to get to know your story too!

Steven (Left) (Age 49).

Loves business growth and creative entrepreneurship.

Insane programming and promotional skills.

Loves communicating with customers.

Is a Slimming World consultant in Merthyr Tydfil too.

Hates negativity, limitations, and inefficiency.

Malcolm (Right) (Age 61).

Loves Shopping and Television.

Insane artistic and home-decoration skills.

Loves rearranging our warehouse.

Hates rude people, financial irresponsibility, and love island lol.

Toby (age 6).

We adopted Toby 4 years ago from Dogs Trust in Bridgend, South Wales and we gave him a forever loving home that he had always dreamed of.

He loves markies and denture sticks and playing with toys.

We think you will agree he is insanely cute and irresistibly adorable.

He hates taking baths, and coming home from long walks. 

Our Vision.

What Each of Our Products Share.

Each item you see on Why Not Shop was hand-picked through our proven 5-step scoring system. We only add products that pass our rigorous standards, which reflect on their quality, usefulness, and the passion behind them.

Solves a recurring problem:

Don't you just love buying products that actually solve big problems? We do too. That's why all our products help solve real-life problems, challenges, and inefficiencies.

Make you look awesome:

What's the point of buying a product if you can't show it off to friends and visitors? All of our products have an inherent "Wow!" factor to them. 

LOW LOW Prices: 

We're consumers just like you, and we love a bargain! That's why all of our products are priced low and we are committed to offering you our lowest prices day in day out.

The BEST quality: 

We rigorously test all our products to make sure they meet our highest standards as we know from over 20 years experience that you only want the BEST!

We're passionate about it:

We would never recommend a product that we don't feel strongly passionate about ourselves. This so why all of our products make us both happy and proud!

    So, what are you waiting for? Find your ultimate products and let's get them shipped your way today!