About us

Meet the Team.

We are a friendly welsh couple from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales and we started whynotshoponline.com in 1999 and each one of us brings a unique addition of talents and personality to why not shop.

We're just like you and share your passion.

Fed up of high street parking and extortionate car parking fees and after years of online shopping we felt we could'nt get that personal touch anywhere like you get shopping in a shop!

We were fed up of shopping on marketplaces and just being a number!

With us you get that personal touch as we know this is all about YOU and what you want and need!

You want top quality products at LOW prices and get them sent out and received quickly and with us that's what you'll get!

We're super friendly too so we'll be sure to keep in touch with you and not treat you like a statistic like the online marketplaces do!

Here we are! We'd love to get to know your story too!

Steven (Left) (Age 49).

Loves business growth and creative entrepreneurship.

Insane programming and promotional skills.

Loves communicating with customers.
Is a Slimming World consultant in Merthyr Tydfil too.

Hates negativity, limitations, and inefficiency.

Malcolm (Right) (Age 61).

Loves Shopping and Television.

Insane artistic and home-decoration skills.

Loves rearranging our warehouse.

Hates rude people, financial irresponsibility, and love island lol.

Toby (age 6).

We adopted Toby 4 years ago from Dogs Trust in Bridgend, South Wales and we gave him a forever loving home that he had always dreamed of.

He loves markies and denture sticks and playing with toys.

We think you will agree he is insanely cute and irresistibly adorable.

He hates taking baths, and coming home from long walks.

About our brand.

Our brand represents a value-based, practical approach to fashion and home.
We know our customers are busy and it is important that everything we sell is 'where to buy for real life essentials at the best price available.

This includes products such as home furnishings, makeup, hair accessories, and costume wear.
We are a leading online homewares and accessories retailer.

Our brand is always in the forefront of new trends, offering customers high-quality, contemporary products at affordable prices.

Our style shines through our store and on our website where we offer a comprehensive range of homewares to suit every lifestyle.
Our website is designed to provide a unique user experience.

As an e-commerce brand we see the value of providing customers with more than just online shopping.

Our website provides an opportunity for users to browse and shop on their computer or tablet while being able to check out quickly from anywhere.
Why Not Shop Online is a unique online shop with fast delivery and superb customer service.

Shoppers can choose from a huge range of products, ranging from fashion accessories to hair extensions at incredible prices.

Another highlight of our website is our money-back guarantee which enables customers to return products for any reason within 30 days.
(Certain limitations apply).
Our website is a virtual store that allows you to shop with Why Not Shop online.
Through the website, you can order goods from a wide range of categories and we will deliver them as quickly as possible!

This means that you are free to browse, select your products, add them to the basket and check out without leaving your couch.

You can even contact us directly via chat, e-mail, or any of our social channels if necessary!
Our website is a lifestyle-focused online store.

Our goal is to give our customers choices, promotions, and unique offers that will appeal to your wallet.

We offer the latest products on sale with short lead times and fast delivery.
Our website is used to find out about the latest trends, offers sales on products, and helps it's users to decide what they want to buy from this site.

The site is updated on a daily basis with new products added every single day.

We provide a solution that aims to offer the consumer an outstanding range of products at LOW LOW everyday prices with fast delivery and easy returns and that's the secret of our success over the last 20 years!

Our customers mean the world to us they always have and always will!